Anthropologically-inspired approaches coupled with design techniques to study and create digital technology across cultures and socio-economic groups.


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Governance in League of Legends: A Hybrid System, Kou, Yubo, and Nardi Bonnie , Foundations of Digital Games, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (2014)
Collapse informatics and practice: Theory, method, and design, Tomlinson, Bill, Blevis Eli, Nardi Bonnie, Patterson Donald J., M. Silberman SIX, and Pan Yue , ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, Volume 20, Issue 4, (2013)
Data in the wild: some reflections, Ang, Chee Siang, Bobrowicz Ania, Schianom Diane J., and Nardi Bonnie , interactions , Volume 20, Issue 2, (2013)
Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work by Anne Balsamo (review), Nardi, Bonnie , American Studies, Volume 52, Issue 2, (2013)
On Evidence and the Public Interest, Liebow, Edward, Dominguez Virginia R., Peregrine Peter Neal, McCarty Teresa L., Nichter Mark, Nardi Bonnie, and Leeman Jennifer , American Anthropologist, 12/2013, Volume 115, Issue 4, (2013)
The “Lonely Gamer” Revisited, Schiano, Diane J., Nardi Bonnie, Debeauvais Thomas, and Ducheneaut Nicolas , Entertainment Computing, (2013)
Regulating Anti-Social Behavior on the Internet: The Example of League of Legends, Kou, Yubo, and Nardi Bonnie , iConference, 2013, Fort Worth, Texas, (2013)
The Role of Human Computation in Sustainability, or, Social Progress Is Made of Fossil Fuels, Nardi, Bonnie , Handbook of Human Computation, New York, (2013)
Turkopticon: Interrupting Worker Invisibility in Amazon Mechanical Turk, Irani, Lilly, and M. Silberman SIX , SIGCHI, 2013, Paris, (2013)
Words with friends: writing collaboratively online, Boellstorff, Tom, Nardi Bonnie, Pearce Celia, and Taylor T. L. , interactions , Volume 20, Issue 5, (2013)